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It’s more than a Walkie Talkie!

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Pmr.One does not require a license and does not have distance limitations. Further more, there is no interface and you can talk at zero-cost – all included.

Long Battery Life

Rugged Device

Voice Services

Location Services

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Pmr.One can be used in all sorts of industries for any occasion. You can use it straight out of the box, with minimal configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Pmr.One is already active?

Absolutely! The radio is already on, if you buy 2 or more devices communicate on the same channel, as a team.

If you buy one Pmr.One how it works?

The device will only work in stand alone fno PmrOne according to the same channel. Two or more devices can communicate with each other as a team.

If you need also the support provided?

Yes! High-quality support for a quality product! We do our best to solve every problem, write to

What is the premium support?

We offer premium support for events, when the device use is strategic for your business.

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